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Diet and Making Healthy Food Choices

Do you sometimes ask yourself what could be the reason behind the sudden gain in weight? Could it be that you are not hitting the gym at all or is it that you do not watch what you eat? Whatever the reason, one thing still remains clear; making the right healthy food choices will keep your weight down. Let me let you into a secret; there are a number of ‘healthy’ foods that can completely ruin your weight loss plans. Keep off them and you’ll be good to go. Here are 5 tips to guide you through:


The statement ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ could never have been any truer. Health experts recommend at least two helpings of fruit a day. To make your meals more enjoyable, vary your fruit selection. Avoid fruit juices if you can and instead eat fresh fruit which are a rich source of minerals, vitamins and fiber.

Fresh Meat

As you are aware, meat is one of the primary sources of protein. However, it should be taken in moderation if you are keen on keeping your weight on check. Depending on a person’s calorie intake, a portion should be 4 – 5 Oz. Make sure that it is lean. If it is not, bake, broil or grill it to drain the grease away from the meat. You can alternatively switch to fish, nuts and beans which are also excellent sources of protein.

Milk Products

For your bones to be strong and in good shape your body needs calcium. Milk and soy products are a rich source of calcium though the later is mainly used by people who are lactose intolerant (do not take milk). Dairy products that have no fat or little fat in them are a healthy food choice. For example, yogurt is a great way of nourishing your body with calcium and helps you shed off excess pounds.


Veggies without no doubt sit at the top of the list of healthy foods. They play a very important role in most if not all weight loss diets. For maximum healthy benefits, steam them or eat them raw (in the form of salads). If overcooked, vegetables lose their nutritional value hence the need for you to steam.

Whole Grains

A balanced diet would not be complete if it did not include whole grains. As a matter of fact, dieticians recommend a 6 OZ. helping of grains at least once a day. Give your palate a new culinary sensation by mixing up fruit and grains together. You’ll definitely love it. If you love bread then try whole grain bread. They come in many flavors.

Food for thought

Stay away from foods that contain a big percentage of saturated fats, Trans fats and increased levels of sodium. It wont do you any harm to take a few extra seconds to read the labels on the food containers while you are out shopping. There are other healthy food choices you can make such as choosing the ideal portion size. These decisions go a long way in making your weight-loss dreams a reality as long as they are coupled with physical exercises. If you are keen enough, you’ll notice that most foods are not harmful; it is how you take them that matters. Make the smart choice.

Say no to muffins and fruit juices or drinks

A large number of people on diet assume that muffins are a healthy option but they are wrong. Muffins are loaded with a lot of sugar and refined flour; they are just empty calories. Health experts emphasize on the importance of eating raw fruits and they do so for good reason. Take the case of fruit juices; once the fruit is converted, it loses a lot of minerals and vitamins which are replaced with sugar preservatives and fructose corn syrup. Moreover, the fruit juices served in restaurants are actually made of fruit pulp instead of fresh fruit. The body needs fiber and the best way to get it is by eating fresh fruit.

Why you should refrain from eating refined cereal products and sauces

It’s a popular belief that when a dish contains cereals or is multi-grained, it’s healthy. This is not always the case; if you check the labels of most food like bread or pasta, you’ll notice that they merely contain refined grains such as white flour. In other words, keep away from refined cereal products.

Next in line comes sauces; they do not have real nutrients, just empty calories in the form of preservatives. Keep away from them!

If you are keen enough, you will notice that the foods are not harmful; it’s how you take them that matters. The best way to avoid eating such unhealthy stuff is to avoid eating out. Losing weight is a commitment which requires you to make some sacrifices. Some of the foods you consume build up weight rather than cut it down. This has been touted as one of the main reasons as to why a number of people have been complaining about poor results. Rather than give up, watch the food you eat.